Packaged Foods

Vegan & Plant Based Products

We have listed the brands of products that have been tasted by a varity of eaters. This list is a good place to look when you’re just starting out, but there are lots of new and even improved items that you may not see here. Always check the package or site (brand links provided) for ingredients, since not all brands are vegan only.


Baked Goods


Abe’s (Cakes & muffins)

Alternative Baking Company (Cookies)

Dave’s Killer Breads(Burger buns & breads)

Food For Life (Ezekiel)  (Whole grain, sprouted bread &

cereal – check freezer section)

Pretzilla (Pretzel buns & bites)

Rudi’s (Check ingredients for honey & gluten free items)

Silver Hills Bakery (Whole grain & sprouted breads)

Vermont (Check ingredients or site for items with honey or eggs)

Dairy Free

Follow Your Heart (Veganaise & Cheeses)

Just Egg (Eggs made from mung beans)

Miyoko’s (Cheeses & butters)

Silk (Soy & nut milks, creamers & yogurts)

So Delicious (Soy, nut & oat based milks, creamers, cheese & frozen desserts)

Three Trees  (Nut & seed based milks NO OIL)

Violife (Nut and soy free cheeses, hard, slice & shreds)

Wayfare (Nut and soy free cheeses, butters, dips & puddings)



Matthew’s OJ

GTS Kombucha

Califa (nut, oat, coconut milks, creamers etc.)

Elmhurst (minimal ingred. nut, oat milks, creamers)

Mooalas (oat, nut milks, creamers)

Oatly’s(oat milks, coffee drinks)

Silk (nut, soy, oat milks, yogurts, creamers)

Sodelicious (coconut milk, creamers)

Three Trees (minimal ingredient nut milks)

Frozen Foods

Amy’s Kitchen (check pkg for cleary marked vegan)

Blackbird Foods (pizza & seitan)

Cascadian Farms (fruits & veggies)

Foodies Vegan (soy & nutfree meatless)

The Modern Pod Co.(hummus pods)

Nature’s Path (waffles)

So Delicious (frozen dessert)

Sweet Earth Foods (meatless, chk pkg for vegan)

Trader Joe’s (chk pkg for vegan, search vegan on TJ’s site)



Edward & Sons (Let’s Do Organic, Native Forest, Premier Japan, Road’s End Organics)

Eden’s (organic no sodium pantry items) 

Jovial (pastas, sauces..)

Right Foods / Dr. McDougall’s (soups best steeped in thermos)

Nature’s Path (cereals, bars, chk for vegan label)

Trader Joe’s (see label for vegan)

Westbrae (canned & condiments)

Vegan & PB Meats


Beyond Meat (soyfree meatless)

Don Lee Farms (pb burgers)

Field Roast (sausages, burgers, etc.)

Gardein (meatless meats)

Impossible Foods

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.


No Evil Foods




Download Full List

Get the full list of packaged foods.

Whole Foods with NO OIL are listed with a  (whole foods includes whole grains).  Make sure to avoid any products that may contain ingredients you are allergic to.
VegRules is not sponsored by any company. All product selections are based on individual opinions. Each product has been approved in taste by people who follow various diets including, but not limited to, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and omnivore.
The healthiest options are whole foods with minimal processing and no oils or additives. Links to the brands that are listed are provided for you to check out more vegan products, ingredients and current nutritional information.

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