Good Riddance to 2020

Hi everyone. I just wanted to catch you all before we move into the new year. I know this has been one of the most, if not the most, trying years for most of us. Along with the societal breakdown, a global pandemic and a blatantly corrupt government, everyone is also dealing with their own personal struggles with health, employment, relationships, loss and hardships. It’s hard to feel hopeful during these trying times, and we often resort to old comforts that may not be the best support for our mind and body in the long run. The one thing we do have some control over is how we treat our body and mind day to day. Basic whole foods and a little exercise and meditation will go a long way with keeping our foundation strong at the times when we most need strength. Here are a few basic tips to keep on keeping on, as we head into what hopefully will be a new era of economic and social equality for all.


Back to Food Basics

If you can, stick with brown rice, pasta and potatoes for your base carbohydrates. Use beans or legumes for protein and any and all vegetables that you can get your hands on, whether they’re fresh, frozen or canned (low sodium if possible). Combining these food groups together will give you nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Tomato sauce, garlic, onions, mushrooms and all spices are great additions for flavor that will also add more nutritious value to your meals.


Exercise Mind & Body

Make it a rule to put your cell phones down and turn off the news on a regular basis for however long you need to. Fill that saved time away from everything constantly bombarding you with supporting your health. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, any exercise done regularly will add up and help you both physically and mentally. It can be something different every day — walking, stretching, biking, yoga for even 10 minutes can help work out the tensions held in your body and mind. Try sitting quietly and do some deep breaths, exhaling all the angst to get to a moment of peace inside.

Remember, just as our bad habits add up over time, good ones do too; but the good habits can also reverse much of the damage that modern medicine doesn’t always address.

Wishing everyone blessings of hope and peace for 2021.

Be well,


Here are some resources to get help with food and shelter:

It takes strength and courage to ask for it when you need it, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Here are some resources that are helping people with food and shelter.

How to Get Help If You Are Experiencing Homelessness


Here are some resources of how to help if you can:

Donation of Goods


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