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Written by Barb W.

April 18, 2020

Hello! I’m so excited to finally be sharing the volumes of information


I’ve learned about vegan and plant-based living. It can be a fun evolution that doesn’t need to be stressful as I’ve often figured out along the way. I’ll be using common labels throughout these pages, but that’s for relative purposes so we can get past any misconceptions that just cause unnecessary confusion. Please bare with me as the site continues to get updated and evolves as we all do. I hope it becomes your central hub to embracing the vegan lifestyle.


 Since the world is right in the middle of evolutionary change with the coronavirus forcing it like a tsunami, I hope and pray our collective consciousness evolves to a higher awakening and compassion, and inclusion become the priorities in the world. It’s probably one of the last chances we may have to heal and save our planet together as a whole. The loss of life is devastating and my heart goes out to everyone that is suffering from the catastrophic effects of COVID-19. Returning to what was normalized is not possible if we are to move forward and sustain life as a civilized society.  Each one of us can evolve to a place where we recognize how our actions affect everything and everyone around us. As we’ve had to stop and slow down to let the earth breathe and to stop this pandemic, going forward we can incorporate what we’re learning or re-learning, like gardening, cooking at home, taking time to read, walk and appreciate the important things in life, which ultimately is life itself.


We’re here to support you


The main reason I put this site together is to help you find your way to becoming vegan/plant based without a lot of the trials and tribulations I went through. I will admit I struggled many times throughout each phase I explored, but I couldn’t give up since I was never going to be involved with hurting another animal again. Once I allowed this connection to become conscious it was all just overwhelming. The guilt was an enormous factor that would just make trying to fix it all the more complicated. Finding out that so much of how I lived involved the suffering of animals while I had blindly been following marketing ploys for so long was more than I could take. So dealing with all of that and getting to the angry phase really helped me stay the course. Even when it meant alienating people that couldn’t deal with my changes; and eating vegan food that wasn’t necessarily the healthiest as long as it was completely vegan and cruelty free, it was good enough for me. Meeting with long-time vegans that were compassionate and supportive helped immensely, and knowing that going forward I could do better and make a difference with every meal, taught me to be compassionate with myself as well.

So don’t beat yourself up over the past, it’s gone. Don’t try to be perfect because perfect doesn’t really exist. There’s always an extremist that will want to tell you to do things this way or you’re not doing it right, but let’s just put that nonsense aside and consider that doing it at all, you save lives and that’s never wrong. Eating is a highly subjective matter, so what counts here is compassion to all living beings and you can do that by eating plant based, vegan or both!

I learned that being vegan means doing no harm (as little as possible) to all beings and our environment. It means being aware of how your actions resonate in the world. Plant based is great for your health, but doesn’t necessarily include changing up other aspects of your life such as fashion and beauty. So to get started with your, journey let’s get on the same page with our terminology, or shall we say veganology (yeah it’s a made up word, but what isn’t?).



These are general descriptions for vegan diets or lifestyles. I would not worry so much about the label. Just do your best. Check out One Meal A Day For The Planet and learn how just swapping at least one meal a day with a plant-based meal helps the planet, the animals and your health!

What Is the Difference Between a Vegan Diet and a Plant-Based Diet?  Forks Over Knives Explains vegan and whole-food plant-based diets along with a brief history of how each got started.

What is a vegan? These are the different types of veganism people can practice. From ethical to raw vegans to plant based and flexitarians, iNews gives a basic breakdown of veganism.

Vegan & Plant-Based Food Services

We’re working on this page but until it’s finalized I wanted to get the overall information to you since you may want to use it sooner than later. Here’s a summary of the services we’ve tried and some of the favorites we’ve liked for each. Most if not all of them were still delivering as of this post, but the links are provided for you to check the information on their site.


 NO Subscription Needed:

 Mamasezz Whole food plant-based NO OIL meal service (heat & serve)
  • Eat as is or use their recipes to create dishes using their products
  • Favs: Lazy Lasagna, Gardener’s Pie, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Gram’s Granola

The Herbivorous Butcher Delicious vegan meats & cheeses

  • Favs: Smoky House Ribs, Shredded Chicken, Porterhouse Steak, Pastrami, American Cheese, Smoked Gouda, Swiss
Veestro Whole food plant-based meal service (heat & serve)
  • Favs: Country Fried Chick’n, Red Curry with Tofu, Chick’n Nuggets, Thai Chick’n Stew


Subscription based:

Purple Carrot Plant-based meals (prepped ingredients with beautiful recipe cards for each meal)

  • Favs: Cauliflower Korma, Sweet Potato Mushroom Tacos, Brown Rice Spaghetti w/Green Beans/Chickpea Miso/Walnuts, Penne Arribiatta w/Chickpea Balls, Moroccan Veggies w/Couscous

Daily Harvest Plant-based meals (add liquid, heat or mix, ready to eat)

  • Smoothies, bowls, soups, flatbreads
  • Favs: Miso Mushroom Soup, Apple & Greens Smoothie

Membership based:

Thrive Market An online market that has many organic and vegan pantry, bath & body, pets etc. Worth the membership fee for the discount on products. Also, you help out another family with your membership! From their site “Our one-for-one membership matching program means that your paid Thrive Market membership provides a free one for a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder. As a community, we can all thrive together.”

Coming Up!

We’ll be adding content that includes, plant-based nutrients, vegan online food services, and gardening and pantry tips that consider budget and space limitations. Stay well!

May Peace Be With You,

Barb W. 

Barbara worked for many years as an IT Analyst and has transitioned her years of analysis experience and research skills, to find solutions and stay current with science-backed, plant-based information, that supports a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.


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