What's That Ingredient?

Common Vegan Ingredients

Amazingly Delicious Food Made From Plants

Learn how these ingredients work wonders with plant based cooking.


Artichoke Hearts

The liquid from canned or cooked chickpeas used for meringues or binders in vegan cooking/baking.

From a flower used in dips, appetizers, entrees, fried, boiled, grilled, canned, frozen or fresh!

A nutritious whole grain made from cracked wheat that’s easy to cook. A staple in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Multiple benies, provides omega-3/omega-6. Grounded or whole use for baking, desserts and smoothies.

The inner most part of palm trees. Used for vegan seafood like crab cakes and calamari.

Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt)

Nutritional Yeast

A  tree fruit fortified with vitamins used for it’s meaty texture for everything from bbq to tuna.

A volcanic rock salt that contains sulfer which gives the eggy flavor to recipes (like tofu eggs!)

Made from soybeans or coconuts a liquid food seasoning that adds unami flavors!

Made from condensing smoke from burning wood, a liquid food seasoning that adds smokey flavors!

A deactivated yeast that is used in lots of vegan recipes that has plenty of health benefits!

Seitan (Vital Wheat Gluten)

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

Common Spices In Vegan Dishes

Wheat dough rinsed to remove the starch, used as a meat replacement since the sixth century.

Ground hulled sesame seeds used in hummus and Middle Eastern recipes, a little goes a long way.

Made from fermented soybeans, high in protein and used as a meat substitute for a variety of recipes.

A dehydrated soy protein made from soy flour. Used as a meat substitute in many vegan products.

Get ready to learn all about the delicious flavor profiles used for all the amazing vegan dishes!

Seitan (Vital Wheat Gluten)



More Plant Based Eating Tips

Support Your Best Health.

The largest epidemiological study, The China Study conclusively proved that a plant-based diet is not only the one diet that supports optimal human health, it will also reverse the many chronic diseases that the Standard American Diet (SAD) causes.

Grab your Forks Over Knives The Beginner’s Guide to a Plant-Based Diet  for simple tips & recipes to get started.

Get the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Shopper’s Guides for lists of produce with the highest and lowest pesticides this year.

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